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If you want to make money online, consider applying for our affiliate program. Simply by referring customers or by reselling our Flash templates through your website, you can earn 20% commission per sale.

It is absolutely free to register and participate. What’s even more beneficial is that you start making money immediately after registration, because if a person comes through your affiliate link and abandons our website without a purchase, you will still earn your affiliate fee if this person buys our templates later. Make sure, we offer you the most earning potential because our templates are of superior quality.

As you begin affiliate program on your website, you’ll be able to sell our products under your own brand, display templates catalogues through attractive dynamic interfaces, track your earnings and visitor traffic stats in real time. To help you with that, we’ll take concern about billing, delivery, anti-fraud protection, and customer service.

But how you can refer visitors? Initially, you need to sign up as an affiliate simply by filling out the online form. After that you can place into your website the text-links and/or banners that will link directly to our site or you can send e-mails with your affiliate link to potential customers. The point is that every person who comes to our website via your affiliate link gets a lifetime cookie on their computer. What you get is a 20% commission of all sales generated throughout a ‘cookie's’ lifetime. Everything’s that simple – you can earn big money just for spreading the affiliate links.

Or you can as well resell our Flash templates under your own brand. If that is the way, you simply choose from a variety of pre-made skins to display templates and search options on your website. And then by selling our templates throughout your website, you will get 20% of all purchases lifetime. So using our affiliate program to make money can be very effective.

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