Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Flash template?

A Flash template is a web template created with Adobe Flash technology. It is a well-spread way of making web sites animated, interactive and very lively.

Are there only Flash templates available?

Here you can find Flash Templates, Flash CMS templates, Flash Intro Templates and Flash Photo Gallery Templates.

What do I stand to gain buying a Flash template?

There are several advantages which apply to all web templates. They are primarily time and money. Web templates are very economical and quick ways of building a web site. Flash templates being very lively are aimed at attracting visitors' attention and making your web presence more memorable.

What source files do I get when I buy a web template?

When you preview a web template you can see the list of source files which is given above it.

Which software are web templates compatible with?

The necessary software is stated right below the list of source files on the product description page. It depends upon the type of a web template.

What can be customized in the web template?

You can usually customize all details visible in the preview, they are normally images, sound, fonts, fla files, etc.

How long is it before I get a web template?

This time varies from several minutes to several hours, but generally it does not exceed 24 hours. Please, be advised, for the order verification we need your reachable phone number.

Can I get my money back if something goes wrong?

In fact, you cannot. This is connected with the fact that computer files can not be returned like ordinary products. The company will provide you with new correct files if it happens that you get damaged files.

Why are there sometimes two prices given to each template, a (regular) price and a unique price?

If you pay a unique price for the web template, it means that this template will be removed from the web site and will not be offered for sale anymore.

Is there any kind of support provided when I buy a template?

We have a reliable support team. You can contact it through the page Contacts where you have to submit a ticket to Support Department with all your support enquiries.

Do you have limited tech support?

We do not provide assistance ONLY if the question is ActionScript related. If you need to modify action scripts you should do it by yourself or order programming service for extra fee.

What are the cases when I can expect a complete refund?

You can expect a complete refund only in the following cases:

- late delivery of a template;
- you got the damaged files and they can't be replaced by working files;
- you received a template which differs from the one described on out web site.

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